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Desperate Hands – Poster

November 2021

Showing a darker side, I found a subject matter that would ignite a conversation. While developing this drawing, I found myself continually composing and perfecting and returning to my work as I created each detail section by section ultimately telling a story (or perhaps many…)… but not of doom or darkness, instead digging deep to uplift and help each other find our own personal version of ‘hope’, individually and universally. This was an impactful study for me which took over 340 hours to complete. Dramatic stories evoke emotion, conversation and debate. What ignites within us as we find our own meaning of an image… is what we observe and react to.

Also available as a giclée print.

36 x 24(h) Poster


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Desperate Hands – Poster - Art by Allan Wesley Johnson at Treez Studio

Size: 32 x 24(h)