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Treez Studio Creed

With the rolled print (canvas or paper), you get the highest quality available, an authenticity certification, and a personalized letter of appreciation, which details suggestions for framing and archival preservation. You will also get piece of mind knowing you have purchased or invested in a piece of artwork that may appreciate over time.

As an art enthusiast, we at Treez Studio are honoured by your appreciation and support for the Artist. Quality and authenticity is what we try to maintain as best as we can. Thank you for appreciating tour dedication.

Maintaining our creed to provide you with the highest quality, the size of the original will be the only size/version available. No other alterations or size discrepancies are offered (with the exception for specialized items, ie; poster – Desperate Hands). All prints (including posters) are numbered in sequential order, registered and cataloged. A signed Authenticity Certification will be provided for each purchase of Artwork or (reproduction) from Treez Studio.

Questions? Read our FAQ for more information.

Contact us with insights and directional suggestions to help us serve you better as you invest, purchase and support Giclee printing.

From the team at Treez Studio, welcome to our family. We thank you for your support and appreciation upon purchasing a print form Treez Studio. We hope you continue to support and follow the road ahead for Treez Studio. Our goal is to inspire, experience, observe, learn and express!