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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder…
but so is art.

You don’t need to be an art ‘expert’ to like art or to appreciate what it offers you. Art can transport you, it evokes emotion, it brings people together by sparking conversation. Art has been a focused passion of mine for over 50 years, it was introduced to me at a very early age by family members. This was my path but it doesn’t have to be yours. Art can be discovered and appreciated at any age- and THAT is the most beautiful thing about it.

Art appreciation…

“What is art? And what is it to you? Art can express beauty, stories, emotions, or celebrations. It can be personal, societally influenced, or inspirational in its expression. I love listening to people talk about art and what it ignites within them. It’s part of the reason I started to teach, there is no right or wrong, just an appreciation for and an admiration of.

“You teach what you seek to learn the most!”


“Learning and studying ‘light’ helped me to become a ‘photo-realism’ artist. Increasing one’s artistic abilities relies heavily on how well the viewer sees, feels and expresses in the mediums of their choice.

Starting in 2022 I will be offering masterclass packages for art enthusiasts seeking further exploration. A program focused on those dedicated to continuing their art education. My Masterclass videos and courses are tailored toward furthering your creative development. Working together, I will guide you step by step through drawing and expressionism with the attempt to obtain realism. It will change the way you see, express and create art.”

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