Treez Studio  

The accidental teacher…
but it was always meant to be.

The reason I became a teacher was because of the natural progression that unfolded with my 1st demonstration in 1989. An incredibly touching story  that taught me the value of how a presentation can impact a room full of young children, future art appreciators anxious to learn. What neither of us knew (students & teachers) that day would change my life and I would change theirs. THIS was the moment I knew I was meant to teach about something that had been my lifelong passion, and I had my first clue that I may even get more from teaching than from creating my own art.

“You teach what you seek to learn the most”

This is one of my favorite sayings. Teaching meant I needed to learn how to break down the elements of each creation piece by piece and to learn how to explain not only how I do that, but why and what is required for the next step. Once I figured out a practical and reliable teaching program, my students became my subject matter, but not to draw, to help them achieve their artistic goals. Paying attention to how they learned helped me to improve my teaching methods and artistry to help guide them even further. I got rewarded by seeing their artistry dramatically increase and by watching to see how this impacted their life in a big way.

Mastering the guiding principles behind teaching provided me with incredible affirmations. I am now focused on spending the remaining years of my incredible journey honing and perfecting my format, with the hope that it will inspire others in a very positive way… and my Masterclass program was born.

I want each student to achieve a higher level of artistry, to be able to express themselves and to continue their art education through my Masterclass program, starting in January 2022 I will be offering membership options for the educational videos that I am creating.


Screaming Eagle

Demonstrating the value of light projection, a chalk drawing of an eagle, is progressed through to its finish. Notice the ‘grid system’ is used to transfer the reference, then the dramatic drawing unfolds using white chalk pencil. Watch as the Omni Artist draws realism while observing light and shadow. It took 10 layers of chalk and spray fixative to reveal this photo-realistic image.

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Fine Detail Drawing

Using different mediums to draw realism images while learning form, shape and proportioning. Allan provides a demonstration of fine detail drawing using different techniques like cross-hatching, erasing techniques and pointillism to list a few. Using objects from your house, learn to draw them using many pencil and pen forms and combinations. A great exercise in learning fine detail drawing and the options you will soon have. This lesson alone will greatly increase your artistry.

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Light & Shadow

The Treez Studio Challenge comes in a live form (directional instructing) as the Omni Artist works directly with you for this challenge. Learning the advantages of observing ‘light’, demonstrated with white (chalk pencil) on black paper and then black carbon on white paper. The more you experiment and practice, the deeper your talent will develop as an artist when attempting ‘Realism’. This is the beginning stages to really understanding the importance of ‘observation’. Learn how easy it is to draw a glass of water realistically.

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Preparing for Realism - Part II

The Transfer

Continuing with preparing yourself and your workspace for realism drawing. This video shows you how to transfer your reference material onto your larger working surface. In order to maintain the exact proportions, the Grid System is used to demonstrate this easy calculation. The Omni Artist walks you through the preparation and materials required, and explains how and why proper execution of the Grid System translates so well for art enthusiasts; Focusing on getting you onto the next step in preparing for Realism, this is the 2nd part to a 3 part series in preparing and executing your ‘masterpiece’.

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Working with Watercolor

In this masterclass, the Artist works in an intentional environment and at a deliberate pace, giving a demonstration on the preparation and exploration of watercolor paints. Playing and experimenting while painting a still life. This video covers: the basic requirements, preparation and application techniques, explicitly going through the detail and focus required to work in this medium. You may sit and watch, or join in on the study and practice painting a 5 hour dedication.

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