Treez Studio  

Through a child’s eyes

Born in Vernon, British Columbia in October 1962, Allan Wesley Johnson has had the aptitude of an artist since age 6. With an interest and constant practice throughout his childhood, it was obvious to family and friends that he was destined to be an artist. School taught him the basics and he expanded his ability through calligraphy with an interest in cartooning, drafting, architecture, photography, wood sculpting, airbrushing and graphic design.

Attending college enabled AJ to achieve his goals in a more professional approach. Photography became his main interest and a desire to draw from his own photographs soon ensued, life in British Columbia provided the perfect backdrop for his canvas.


Saddle Up by Allan Wesley Johnson at Treez Studio

Determination, curiosity and growth

Allan Wesley Johnson became a graphic designer and eventually opened his first studio in Victoria in 1993. There he not only photographed on a professional level but also developed his photography work in the darkroom. Teaching classes in “Drawing the light” and beginner photography classes were a big hit. After 18 months and an unmeetable overhead, he closed the studio and went on a sabbatical in Morocco for six months gathering thousands of images, thus the “Moroccan series” eventually unfolded producing 8 major works of art. A second studio (Soul Creations Art Studio) was opened in his home in Sooke, B.C. while raising a family.

Teacher becomes the master

Allan now owns his third studio “Treez Studio” which shows his lifelong work. He is currently producing Art (major projects) and Art teaching videos, content for beginner and advanced artistry. You will find a wide variety of techniques, application and tool knowledge and use, along with the opportunity for a monthly subscription. Giclée reproductions are also available on our gallery page.

The ‘Now’

Allan Wesley Johnson, The Omni Artist, is now focused on what is possible with what YOU can do as an art enthusiast. As an instructor/teacher, with a focus on the basic natural fundamentals of art creation, material choices, technical skill, and some of the creative elements that allow your art pieces to express realism, with a foresight of professionalism.

The better you see, the better you draw.

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Awards & Recognition


Shuswap Art Festival

Participating Artist
Awards: Best in Show, Best Portrait, Best Animal, Peoples favorite


Armstrong Fall Fair

Participating Artist
Best in Show


Shuswap Art Festival

Member of the Board Committee
Show organizer


South Vancouver Island Art Festival

Participating Artist
Awards: Best Evironmental


Sooke Fall Fair

Mural Artist
Created 17 Murals, 116ft in length
Recognition: BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, CRD - Juan de Fuca District